Translate instantly between languages, Speak and Share!

Break down language barriers and instantly translate between over 90 languages. Translation spoken in natural sounding voice. Great for traveling, classroom, learning a language or quick translations. Listen and share them easily. Create and share language tutorial recordings. Keep track of most used languages. Automatically detects the text language and translates to desired language even if the entered text is not in the user's own language!

App Preview Demo:

* Automatic or manual translation between over 90 languages
* Great for learning, study and education.
* Say text in natural sounding voice
* Share text or MP3 audio file for translation
* Create recordings containing audio from multiple translation and add your microphone audio, if desired.
* Country flags for each translation indicate language
* Read your translations
* Keep track of top 3 languages used
* Say or share any translation again
* Auto saves any entered text and translations

5 Star iTunes App Store Review from Charlygyrl43
"Perfect App! - I love this app! It translates your text phrases into many different languages & back to English! As a nurse, I often have non-English speaking patients (& not just Spanish, but others too) & communicating is often difficult because my Spanish is poor! This app allows me to interview the patient because the app can say the phrase & types it in the alternate language. I can have the patient use my phone to type back their questions & answers for translation back to English!"

Recording is great for creating language or multi-language lessons you can share.

All your translations are automatically saved and displayed in a familiar messaging format for easy access and control. Click the message at any time to display a popup menu for performing an array of actions. If the entered text had to be translated to the target country language you had selected, two message entries will be added: one for the original text and one for the translated text.

Automatic or manual text translation is available. If auto translation is on, text will be automatically translated from the language of the entered text to the target language. When using manual translation, you have to select translate to do the translation. If the text had to be translate then the original and translated messages are shown in your display.

Read through all messages or start reading from a specific message. Excellent for tutoring on a language and presenting e.g. 'In English' this is the text and 'In Spanish' this is the translated text, 'In English' this is the text and 'In German' this is the translated text and so on.

Create an audio recording of one or more spoken translations along with input from your microphone.

Use the side menu to do mass read all messages, editing all messages, clear all messages, access Settings and Help and access your up to 3 most used languages.

Use when you are on travel or anytime to learn Spanish, French, German or any other language. Enter words or phrases to translate and see and hear the translation. Share an MP3 audio file or just translation text for the translation using services such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and more.

Enter any number of messages to say in the built-in voice and they are collected in a user interface similar to an SMS client. Use a default voice for your location locale or choose a language to use.

Play back, sharing, removing, copying of already entered messages can be done by clicking on the message, reading all messages from a specific message and selecting from the popup menu.