Procrastination Control - Block distracting websites

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Have you ever wasted your time on the Internet? Having trouble getting stuff done because of procrastination?

This app allows you to temporarily block distracting websites on Safari browser. You can always unlock them again but it requires that you think twice before doing so: "Do I really need to browse funny cat pictures right now?".

Getting rid of your wasteful browsing habits is as easy as downloading this app and adding your favorite time wasters list. A predefined list of potentially distracting websites is provided. More freedom and focus GUARANTEED.


"Nice! Have been seeking for something like this for a long time!"

"If you have a bad habit of being glued to your phone when you should be doing other things, this might help and give you the push you need to break that habit."

"The app works great, and does exactly what it says, with no fuss."

"It's a great way to save time, and stop browsing Reddit when you should be doing coursework."

"I need an app like this on my fridge."