Streamlabs Alerts Not Working? (EASY Fix)

Published on: Nov 28, 2022 • 6 min read

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Looking for a great streaming software to start your Twitch or live stream content creation adventure? Streamlabs OBS studio has got you covered.

But Streamlabs desktop is far from being a “perfect” streaming software - it still has a long way to go, and if you are new to this software, you might encounter some small glitches that can ruin your experience.

The good thing is that most of these small bugs can be fixed by yourself.

Thus, if your alerts are not working on Streamlabs, and you are wasting so much time trying to fix it, then this post is for you.

In today’s article on our website, we are going to be talking about:

  • Why are Streamlabs alerts not working?;
  • How to fix Streamlabs alerts on this streaming software;
  • Things to know so you can set correctly the Streamlabs OBS studio alert box.

Why Are Streamlabs Alerts Not Working? 3 Reasons

When you set Streamlabs desktop on your computer, you are able to make alert box settings to the widgets you download.

This means that you can change the alert animation, alert duration, add a sound, use the default settings, get certain alerts enabled, and even switch from one notification type to another.

Although this seems fairly complicated, the Streamlabs OBS streaming software makes it as intuitive as it gets.

So, why do audio and visual alerts fail?

  1. Small Streamlabs OBS Studio bug: the most common reason is that you might be facing a simple streaming software bug. In this case, if you disable and re-add the alerts, then you will probably note that the problem is gone;
  2. Software problems on your computer: it is imperative to keep your operating system, as well as Streamlabs OBS, updated and running well. Otherwise, outdated programs might trigger problems with your alert widget;
  3. Links and logging issues on OBS: although this does not always work, some people recommend you log out and log back in from Streamlabs OBS’s main page. Who knows? Perhaps this can be more useful than you believe! This won’t delete your account or your OBS Setting, so worry not.

How To Fix Streamlabs Alerts Not Working

Although most of the fixes for the alert box on Streamlabs desktop are fairly technical, we will explain them all to you in the simplest way possible.

Make sure to follow each one of these fixes one by one so you don’t end up skipping the fix that will solve your problem.

Without further ado, let’s do it.

Fix #1: Update Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs needs to be kept updated. Otherwise, all the stream features will fail without further notice.

You can update Streamlabs OBS by launching the program, going to the Help tab, and on the drop-down menu, selecting Check for Updates.

Keep your stream software updated if you want to prevent similar bugs in the future.

Fix #2: Unmute Alert Box Streamlabs Widgets

As obvious as this might sound, perhaps there’s no audio on the alert because the widget is muted.

To unmute it, do the following:

  1. Open your Sound Mixer and make sure that your monitoring device is the right one (speakers, headsets, desktop audio, and more);
  2. Go to the Recent List, and confirm that the alert box is enabled;
  3. Test your alerts to see if they have sound now.

Fix #3: Unpause Alerts On Recent Events List

Besides muted alerts, perhaps you have accidentally paused on the stream software.

To unpause alerts, simply go to the main Streamlabs dashboard, and make sure that the two-lines icon appears next to them instead of the “Play” icon.

If an alert is paused, it will not show up on the stream whatsoever.

Fix #4: Reset Browser Source Hardware Acceleration

Sometimes, resetting hardware acceleration can help you with visual problems of the alerts widget.

  1. Go to Settings on Streamlabs OBS, select Advanced at the right-hand side of the screen, and then click on Browser Sources;
  2. Go to the Sources Tab and mark and unmark Browser Source Hardware Acceleration.

Now, entirely reset OBS, and see if you can use the alerts now after resetting your browser sources.

Fix #5: Change Moderation Settings

Moderation tools can also mess with your alerts because they block them even if the software should not do it.

Thus, open your Layout Settings on the main Streamlabs dashboard, and under Sources and Settings, click on Moderation Tools.

Here, disable “Unlimited moderation delay.” From now on, each alert you receive should pass through the moderation limits imposed by the program

Fix #6: Select the Correct Stream Widget Theme

It is worth noting that the alert box is enabled within a certain widget theme inside Streamlabs.

This means that if you select the wrong theme, then the alerts won’t show up at all.

  1. Launch Streamlabs, go to the Alert Box, and select Widget Themes;
  2. Open your scene collection and select the right theme on this menu;
  3. After you are done, click on Save Settings, and check if the alerts work now.

How To Test Alert On Streamlabs

Testing your Streamlabs Alerts is imperative to see whether they work or not.

You can test alerts on Streamlabs just by following three quick steps:

  1. Open Streamlabs, and go to the Alert Box;
  2. Here you can set all of your alerts - once they are set, scroll down to the Widget tab;
  3. You will see multiple buttons with each one of your alerts;
  4. Click on the Test Button of each alert - for instance, if you want to test follow alerts, simply click “Test Follow.”

Wrapping Up: How to Fix Alert Variations Not Working On Streamlabs OBS

Alerts on Streamlabs are an utterly important part of your streaming journey.

If they are not working properly, you can fix them like this:

  1. Make sure to unpause or unmute your alerts if needed;
  2. Keep Streamlabs OBS updated at all times;
  3. Reset browser source settings;
  4. Disable moderation tools;
  5. And, finally, check that you have the correct theme enabled.

Check the other articles on our website to get more streaming-related info.


How Do I Refresh Streamlabs Alerts?

If you recently made some changes to your Alerts, the best way to refresh them is by entirely closing and restarting the Streamlabs software.

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