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Wonderful app, and very useful too.

I just downloaded this app, and have found it to be very useful. I use it for lots of things including reading menus, reading prescription bottles, reading business cards, and so much more.
I have often found it very difficult to find magnification apps that suit my needs, as I need a very high magnification setting, however, this app really does the trick! My only complaint is, when using larger magnification settings, I have found the image to become very grainy and hard to determine. I have not tested this app on iPhone, as I do not currently on one that runs iOS 7.1.1. This current issue, only seems to occur when using iPad Air, with the larger magnification. I will definitely recommend this app to anyone, despite the current issue. It's still worth the five star rating. Please download this app and give it a try, if magnification is needed.

by Chihuahua33 via the App Store