What is Fanhouse app?

Published on: Dec 30, 2021 • 4 min read

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Is it possible to make a living from posting memes? Yes, yes it is.

If you consider yourself a funny guy and think you should be making money from your Tweets, we’ve got you covered: Meet Fanhouse.

But what exactly is the app and what type of platform pays for posting memes?

We’ll go over the following points:

  • What is Fanhouse?
  • Fanhouse for Creators
  • Fanhouse for Fans

If you were wondering what these new life-changing opportunities are all about, keep reading.

What Is Fanhouse?

Fanhouse is a platform that lets you monetize your Twitter and Instagram content.

Created by Jasmine Rice alongside two of her Twitter friends, Jerry Meng and Khoi Le, Jasmine is the platform’s most successful creator.

Jasmine is making 10k a month for posting non-adult content on what basically is her Twitter private alt account.

Creators on the platform can connect directly to other users, send greeting videos between one another, and send direct messages as well.

The idea behind it all is that it feels that top fans subscribe to the “close friends story” feed on Instagram of their favorite creator, making Fanhouse feel like a more intimate experience.

How Is It Different From Other Platforms?

Jasmine’s goal with Fanhouse was to create a non-adult content-related way to earn a living.

The platform prohibits adult content, there is a strict no nudity policy as Jasmine’s personal experience with all the nudity of OnlyFans was negative.

The platform uses monthly subscriptions fees and “fans tipping” to generate a small revenue for any struggling creator.

Fans can request custom content in exchange for a small fee or tip.

Fanhouse for Creators

Members on Fanhouse earn money by growing their audiences, writing jokes, or simply for uploading stuff on the web.

While the creator economy of Fanhouse is still small, users can make decent money to support their other projects.

It is also a perfect time to join this authentic community and create a Fanhouse account.

Members can sign in for free, and with still relatively few users compared to other big tech companies’ platforms like Twitter or anything on the Google or Apple stores, people attract subscribers fast.

An Easy Way To Earn Money

When someone clicks on the subscribe button, you’ll get a set amount of money that you’ll define.

Apart from the subscribe button, fans can also interact with your content with tips, and they can go as high as they want.

Members only need to pay the platform 10% of their income from their exclusive custom content.

Fanhouse for Fans

Fanhouse is a great platform to support your favorite creator.

Clicking on the subscribe button is a small “thank you” for their amazing internet content.

Request Custom Content

Additionally, you can request custom content from your favorite creators when you subscribe to them. Nothing is cooler than waking up to personal videos from your favorite creator.

Authentic Community

The point of the company is to help anyone monetize their content on other platforms.

It’s a community built based on helping others.

Due to its young age, the platform is full of new content creators creating post after post of exclusive and funny content.

The fact that things are locked behind a wall makes every video feel more exclusive in a way. It’s a club in which you interact with the coolest people.

The point is to make members feel as if they were subscribed to the “Close Friends Story” feature of Instagram or to a private alt account, a pay-per-view one.

Become a Creator Today!

Getting paid on the platform is quite easy; you’ll just need to do the things you already do on Twitter or Instagram:

  • Connect with others
  • Post a meme or a video
  • Engage with a community
  • Invite friends to join a conversation

If you already get tons of likes on your regular posts, why do it for free? Get paid today the platform.

Fanhouse FAQ

Is Fanhouse Just OnlyFans?

No, it’s not. No nudity is allowed on Fanhouse. However, fans can subscribe to creators to gain access to memes and content. So in a way, it’s the OnlyFans of comedy posts.

Can You Use Paypal on Fanhouse?

No, users can’t use Paypal on Fanhouse. Only Stripe. However, over the last two months the platform has seen an increase in users. So maybe in a week, month, or two more you’ll be able to do so.

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