Discord Account Disabled? Reasons & Fix

Published on: Jul 8, 2022 • 5 min read

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Imagine that, after a long day of work, you look into your Discord account, and you find out that your account has been disabled by the platform - what just happened?!

We have one good news and one bad news for you. The good one is that you are not banned!

Your account was disabled temporarily, most likely.

The bad news is that you won’t be able to use your own account until the Discord team disables it.

Consequently, today we are going to show you all you need to know about these matters:

  • Why is your Discord account disabled?;
  • How to fix Discord accounts disabled on the platform;
  • What to do if you cannot un-disable your account on Discord.

What Does a Disabled Discord Account Look Like?

A disabled Discord account will prevent Discord users from logging into the platform.

If you try to log in or open a Discord server, you will see that you won’t be able to access your account whatsoever.

This means that a disabled Discord user cannot join Discord servers, make video calls on the platform, send friend requests, and send a direct message to another user as long as they have their Discord disabled - as simple as that.

Why Was My Discord Account Disabled?

There are seven main reasons that lead to Discord disabled accounts:

  1. You have violated Discord’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines;
  2. You have participated in hate speech or racism against other members of the platform;
  3. Your age is less than 18;
  4. You have frequently spammed other users on the platform;
  5. Your account has possibly committed fraud;
  6. Your user settings are wrong, which means that your email address might be incorrect or invalid;
  7. Finally, Discord bots disable your account if you haven’t logged in for two years or more.

Nonetheless, if your Discord account is disabled and you have not violated any of all the scenarios mentioned before, then we might be talking about false reports on Discord.

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How to Undisable Discord Account

Fortunately, you can still restore account depending on the severity of your temporary disabling.

Most users can easily recover their accounts after they contact Discord, but all in all, you have three alternatives here.

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1. Wait for the Disabling to Be Over

The first thing that you can do to restore your account is to remain calm and simply wait for a while.

If your account was disabled for suspicious activity or similar reasons, it will be undisabled in two weeks or so.

Thus, if you feel that you can live two weeks without the Discord app, then wait for your disabled account to be back and that’s it.

2. Contact Discord Through Social Media Platforms

Another solution you have in case your account has been disabled is to message Discord through social platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook.

Most likely, they will answer your message faster if you contact them directly on the Discord Twitter.

This doesn’t always work, but you can try it out to see if you are lucky.

3. Complete the Discord Appeal Process

Discord requires disabled users to fill out an official appeal form in order to get their account back.

This is your absolute best shot to fix the disabled account problem, so you can get all the details about this matter in the following section.

Discord Account Disabled: Appeal Process

Since contacting Discord Staff through the main contact form is your best shot, we recommend you pay attention to the following five steps.

  1. Log in to your Discord account and go to the Submit a Request website;
  2. Select “Trust and Safety,” and then “Appeal and Action Taken On My Account;”
  3. Select “An action was taken on my account,” and under the “Appeal, age update and other questions” section;
  4. Contact support and explain your case as clearly as you can. Remember to write a good subject line and to be as clear as possible before you email Discord through this form. If you acknowledge your mistake, tell them that you won’t repeat the same mistake again;
  5. Last but not least, check that the required fields are marked, and send your request.

The Discord Support Team will receive your message and review it. Honesty is key here!

Thus, wait for two to five business days and check your spam folder in case they answer.

Does Discord Delete Disabled Accounts?

Yes. If your appeal doesn’t go through Discord’s filters, then your account will be deleted forever.

Discord disables accounts that have been flagged, and if they don’t find a good reason to undisable your account, then you will face a permanent ban.

It is also worth noting that accounts with inactivity of more than 2 years will be disabled and then deleted.

All in all, you might simply go to the login page and create a new account - fresh starts are a new opportunity!

That’s how you get your Discord account recovered from a disabling action. For more Discord info, Launch Kit will always be here to help you out!


Can You Get a Disabled Discord Account Back?

Yes! You need to wait for the disabling to be over, or you can appeal to Discord so they can manually return your account to you.

Does a Disabled Account Mean Banned on Discord?

No - disabled and banned accounts are not the same. However, disabling is the first step towards banning, so watch out!

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