Can Onlyfans See Your Email or Credit Card Info?

Published on: Sep 2, 2022 • 5 min read

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Both creators and subscribers that join OnlyFans are often worried about privacy factors within the platform.

Since it is not a secret to anyone that most of the users that joined OnlyFans in the past few months are looking into adult content, it makes sense to keep your information private.

Not all people join this website to see adult-related posts, but still, what do you show to OnlyFans exactly?

If you have some privacy concerns, keep on reading this article to learn more about:

  • Can OnlyFans see your email or credit card info?;
  • What information can creators see on OnlyFans?;
  • How to remain anonymous on OnlyFans as a subscriber.

What Information Can OnlyFans See?

When you create an OnlyFans profile as a subscriber, you need to select a display name, username to be publicly displayed, provide user basic information, and input your money payment method on the website.

On the other hand, OnlyFans creators need to provide their actual name, address, information to get paid, and other details to create an OnlyFans account.

This means that, according to the OnlyFans Privacy Policy, the site can see all this info when you register.

Nonetheless, your bank details, credit card, and debit card details are protected by secure gateways.

Other than that, the platform has access to all the profile information you provide, but what about creators you subscribe to?

What Information Do Subscribers Show to OnlyFans Creator?

OnlyFans creators can see much information related to people who have subscribed to them.

This helps them improve their content and works as an answer to expand their search on the platform. But what can they see exactly?

For starters, creators can see their best subscribers, subscribers’ direct link website URL, location, bio, display name, profile picture, Amazon wishlist, and a few more. But can they see email and credit card info?

They cannot see your real name as long as you hide it. Learn more about your real name and OnlyFans here: Can OnlyFans see your name?

Can OnlyFans Creators See Your Email?

So, can OnlyFans creators see your email? OnlyFans creators can see the data you publicly show on OnlyFans, but they cannot see your email information.

You can rest assured that whenever you subscribe to an OnlyFans page, whether you do it for free or decide to pay a fee, creators will not be able to check your and other email addresses through accurate or random search.

Can OnlyFans Creators See Your Credit Card Details?

No, OnlyFans creators cannot see your email and credit card info. Therefore, your credit card number, security code, expiration date, and more are always hidden when you pay a subscription price.

Neither the creator nor the website can see your credit card information because this information is fully encrypted by secure app payment gateways.

Nonetheless, even though your credit card information is totally secure on this website, the money you paid for a subscription will still appear on your bank statements and payment details, so watch out.

How to Keep Private Information Away from OnlyFans

OnlyFans creators see only the info you show, and although you input your email when creating an account, it will be hidden for them as well.

But what if you want to take things a step further and use OnlyFans anonymous so no one can find out your personal details?

In this case, the following tips are made specifically for you.

1. Create a Secondary Account

You don’t have to use the username or email you always use online on OnlyFans.

Access the platform through another email, create a user name that you haven’t used before, and use this secondary account as your main one.

Since no OnlyFans creator can check your email or credit card details, they will never know who you are once you get subscribed to their profile, so worry not.

2. Change Your Username, Bio, and More

By default, your OnlyFans username is a randomly generated number that you can change.

OnlyFans creators can always see the nickname of the users that subscribe to their profiles, and also their bio.

Thus, change your info on the site to something that is not entirely relatable to you.

After all, you will just get subscribed to a few profiles - it’s not like you are using a social media platform at all.

3. Look Up Your Bank Statement

Remember that although your credit card details are fully hidden from both creators and the site, the payments you make will still reflect on your bank statement.

As a consequence, if you want to hide them, make sure to avoid showing your statement to others.

The payments will show as Only Fans Subscription, but it can vary depending on the country you live.

Wrapping Up: Can OnlyFans See Your Email or Credit Card Details?

OnlyFans really worry about users’ privacy, both creators and fans.

Thus, we can summarize the answer in this guide with the three following points:

  1. The OnlyFans Site can see all the info you include when you register, but once you subscribe and add your credit card details, they will be entirely protected by secure gateways;
  2. OnlyFans creators can see your username, bio, link, and more, but they cannot see your credit card info or your email at all;
  3. You can always manage the information you show on the site to prevent others from finding you or knowing who you are.


Can OnlyFans Creators Use the Search Function to Look for Subscribers?

No, creators cannot use the search function on the site to look for their subscribers. Nonetheless, they can check them directly on their profile page without major problems.

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