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Published on: Mar 2, 2022 • 6 min read

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YouTube isn’t only for gaming, music, and popular content videos - it’s also for the people who want to learn, overcome themselves, and go one step further.

Of course, there’s room for everyone in this widely known platform, but the Internet rewards those who provide high-quality content that really influences other people’s lives.

Today, we are going to talk about Ali Abdaal and how Ali’s journey managed to bring him from being just another junior doctor to a really popular online entrepreneur.

If you wonder: how much does Ali Abdaal earn? Then this article is for you.

In today’s blog post, we will be talking about:

  • Ali Abdaal net worth in 2022;
  • What to learn about Ali’s success;
  • Breaking down Ali Abdaal’s Net Worth.

Who is Ali Abdaal?

Dr. Ali Abdaal is a YouTuber, social media influencer, podcaster, doctor and co-founder of 6med, best known for his videos on his youtube channel surrounding studying/revision techniques and productivity-related content.

He studied Medicine at Cambridge University and graduated in 2018, and is currently working as a doctor in the UK’s National Health Service (UK NHS) as of 2022.

He has a brother, Taimur, and used to date Sheen Gurrib, a well-known entrepreneur.

He used to work as a teaching assistant back in 2012, where he acquired the necessary skills to provide useful knowledge to students.

But, besides reporting his life as a medical student and his journey through medical school, he also makes tech reviews, videos with his friends, and more person-to-person content, as we might expect from a successful YouTube content creator.

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How Does Ali Abdaal Make Money?

Ali is a perfect example of a creator who is continuously diversifying its income sources.

From YT channel, through money earned from affiliate marketing and sponsorships, at the company he co-founded, there is definitely a thing or two every aspiring creator can learn from him.

We’ve broken down in more detail each source of income below.

Passive income is something Ali is constantly working on, and surely the list below will likely expand in the future - he even has a dedicated section regarding money on his website, which I highly recommend checking out.

1. Ali Abdaal YouTube Channel

Ali started making content back in 2017, and even if he didn’t see revenue from these videos, he continued creating content.

After he uploaded his first video, he decided that he wasn’t going to stop until enough people subscribe to his channel.

As of 20220’s Q1, Ali Abdaal has 2.75 million subscribers on his main channel.

Since he has between 5 and 10 millions views on YouTube every month, he himself posted on his blog that he made around $130,000 every month out of YouTube ads alone.

Ali learned how to balance his study videos and the intentions of his audience.

His YouTube channel yearly earnings could go as high as $1.8 million in 2021 alone.

Ali’s YouTube Channel Earnings in 2022

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2. Affiliate Income in YouTube Videos

Ali is an affiliate marketer, and he knows how to make a cut of our affiliate links.

His partnerships with Amazon, Ghost, Teachable, and other platforms, have led Ali to earn over $250,000 in yearly revenue.

It is clear that his viewers are free to buy or not affiliate products, but his humbleness and transparency create a connection like no other which ultimately leads to people clicking on affiliate links.

3. Skillshare Content

Skillshare is an online courses platform where teachers get paid 7 cents per minute of watch time.

Ali Abdaal created Skillshare courses mainly based on motivation and productivity.

Considering that he managed to have over 80,000 students in paid courses, his monthly royalties from Skillshare are around $90,000 per month and up to $700,000 per year.

You can learn more about Ali Abdaal Skillshare courses here.

4. Brands Sponsorships

Besides affiliate links and each educational course, Ali Abdaal’s YouTube page also has brand sponsorship deals with widely known brands.

It is not a secret that brands pay more money than affiliate links, although it isn’t passive income.

One of the best examples of this is this MacBook Review Video posted back in 2020 in direct partnership with Apple.

It has been estimated that he can make up to $400,000 a year out of sponsorships alone.

5. 6med Platform

Ali Abdaal runs and is also co-founder of 6med - a startup he co-founded while at university. 6med provides courses to aspiring medical students, and it aims at becoming the best preparation course platform for doctors all over the world.

Although it is pretty clear that the target audience for this company revolves around medicine, it still manages to make up to $200,000 in income per year.

7. Part-Time YouTuber Academy

Do you want to learn how to grow your channel from 0 to 100,000 followers? Ali might be the perfect teacher for you! Back in 2021, he started Ali Abdaal YouTube Academy.

The immense popularity of the YouTuber led him to earn over $2 million of yearly revenue out of this academy alone.

What is Ali Abdaal Net Worth?

So, how much does Ali Abdaal earn, and what is Ali Abdaal’s net worth? As of 2022, his estimated net worth of $4 million, although this information isn’t publicly available.

He even published a video back in 2020 showing to his almost 3 million subscribers how much was Ali Abdaal’s yearly income back then; check it out: How Much Money I Earn - Ali Abdaal.

One thing is for sure - as long as Ali continues making quality content, his net worth will continue growing. For more amazing insights, always count on Launch Kit!

Ali Abdaal Net Worth FAQ

Can a Single YouTube Video Bring Success?

It depends. Sapnap Net Worth sky-rocketed after only one video, and Karl’s Jacobs Net Worth highly depends on other factors. At the end of the day, consistency is king, and Ali Abdaal shows us that.

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