How To Add Testimonials To Your Website

Published on: Oct 23, 2022 • 7 min read

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If you offer products or services online, you will quickly realize the best way to build trust is to have your own testimonials with success stories of satisfied customers.

Adding testimonials and positive reviews can be a serious driving force and help you establish credibility, brand trust, and, ultimately - convert your visitors to buyers.

Testimonials can be especially useful for those website visitors who land on your site for the first time.

The common challenge is keeping up with customer testimonials; specifically asking for them and then displaying testimonials on your website.

Today I will show you how with a simple tool, you can accomplish it in a few easy steps.

In this post, you will learn:

  • How to embed testimonials on your website;
  • How to automate collection and embedding of testimonials;
  • Best practices & tips when including testimonials on your website.

How To Add Testimonials To Your Website is an efficient, intuitive, and great online startup platform that allows you to collect testimonial from your customers, whether we talk about text or video online reviews, and embed them on your website without coding knowledge.

With, you, as a website owner, will be able to gather client testimonials of your own business and place them on your own website in a way that other potential customers can see your customer feedback in real-time.

So, if you are looking for new and more testimonials that can help you convert visitors into customers, then is for you.

Let’s learn how to use it.

Step 1: Sign Up to

First of all, go to’s home page, and create a new account.

There are four plans in Free, Premium, Ultimate, and Agency.

If your business is just starting, the Free plan will do the trick; however, if you don’t want’s logo on your web page, then sign up for the Premium plan, which costs $60 per month - it depends on your needs!

Step 2: Create a New Space

Once you sign up, you will be redirected to’s dashboard. Here, click on Create a New Space.

The Space will be your Testimonial Section - allows you to gather user-generated content and add it to this Space.

You can also collect new testimonials, but remember, you can put as many testimonials as your plan allows you to.

Fill up all the spaces, add your company logo, ask customers for job title if needed, and select the relevant content that will be shown.

Then, check the Live Preview of your testimonial space, and click on Create New Space as soon as you are done.

Step 3: Add a Form to Your Website

After completing the Space, will generate a form where new customers (and even old customers, if you ask them to) can place testimonials directly on your website.

Each customer testimonial you gather here will be used on your Space, as long as you decide to.

The Premium plan of offers a single video testimonial, so use it wisely!

Now comes the hard part: where are you going to place your Testimonial Space?

You get inspired by other businesses, so there are four places where you could put these testimonials:

  1. On your product or services page: this assures you that your testimonials are reaching your target audience, ergo, potential buyers interested in your product;
  2. On your website homepage: your home page probably gets the most traffic from search engines, so it is worth showing your testimonials here;
  3. On your contact page: people who go to your contact page are already part of your potential customer audience, so you might as well put it here;
  4. On your website footer: this can help your testimonials to be seen all across the website by all Internet users who visit your site;
  5. On a new page: if you are getting more reviews than expected, and you don’t want to ruin the UX of your whole website, then follow the great example of many businesses and create a landing page dedicated specifically to testimonials.

Step 4: Gather Social Media and Website Testimonials

Once you have decided where to put your testimonial marketing materials, it’s time to gather them, and look for individual testimonials in online communities. allows you to collect testimonials from LinkedIn, Twitter, and other customers’ social networks.

You can arrange them on your Space and decide how they are going to be shown on your website.

Step 5: Approve Testimonials and Embed the Space to Your Website

You need to ensure that you are receiving great testimonials from trusted brand ambassadors and every actual client of your business.

Transparency is key when it comes to testimonials, but in reality, your testimonials page should look like you want it to look.

Thus, simply drag and drop, and arrange the testimonials as you like.

The best part? Embedding customer reviews with does not require you to be a coding expert - it’s just copying and pasting!

Finish the process, copy the code, and let the world see what people think about your business or project.

Where to Display Testimonials on Website?

The best place to put your testimonials are the places with friction points.

In other words - places where visitors and your prospective customers have a step to complete and might have objections before doing so.

These places could be sign-up forms, checkout pages or any call-to-action places.

So let’s say, if you have a newsletter and want to win new subscribers, you want to display testimonials right next to the sign-up form.

If you run a paid membership site with exclusive content, you likely want to embed testimonials next to the checkout.

If this is a software as a service, you can display customer testimonials both on your landing pages as well as the checkout step.

For SaaS, positive feedback from existing and previous clients could play a big role in content marketing strategy.

Similar to e-commerce stores - placing star ratings with customer quotes on your review and product pages.

Should I Have a Dedicated Testimonials Page?

If you (hopefully yes) have a lot of raving customers who are leaving reviews, it won’t hurt to have a dedicated testimonial page.

You could direct their customers from various places on your website (landing pages, blog articles, etc.) where you left bits of testimonials.

This is a great way to build up social proof.

What is Another Word for Testimonials on Website?

Here are a few ways you can name your testimonials:

  • Wall of Love;
  • What our customers are saying;
  • See What Other Happy Customers Are Saying;
  • Customer Reviews;
  • See Why People Choose Us.

Being creative is good, but you must also be clear - you don’t want potential customers to confuse your testimonials section with any other thing on your website.

Summary: Embedding Testimonials

Effective testimonials can be a big part of your marketing strategy.

Growing businesses is not easy, and sometimes, you might feel lost when it comes to finding the path to offer a great product with the right customer service.

Let others’ testimonials speak for you - that’s the best voice that your website can have! Need more relevant marketing guides? Let Launch Kit lead the way!

Embedding Customer Testimonials FAQ

How Do I Create a Dedicated Testimonial page?

You can add a new testimonial page to your website by creating a standalone page on it.

Just keep in mind that this is only advisable if you have too many testimonials and you feel like they can ruin the User Experience on your website.

Are Testimonials Useful for Prospective Customers?

Yes, they are! If people are interested in your product, and they see others’ testimonials, they can quickly convert into customers.

That’s why it’s important to have relevant and authentic testimonials on your website.

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