About LaunchKit

Where did LaunchKit come from?

For over 2 years, our team has built and released 7 apps into the App Store, and 5 apps into Google Play. During this time, we’ve tried to share what we’ve learned and tools we’ve built to make this easier for other mobile makers.

We started by writing a guide on How to Run Live User Testing Sessions for mobile apps. The three part series did so well that we then released data and advice on the Right Way to ask Users for iOS Permissions. This post went was read and shared about 150,000 times. Then we released Screenshotter, a tool we’d built for internal use that helps manage screenshots on iOS devices. The iOS app was downloaded over 25,000 times (about 24,900 more times than we expected). We wrote about the Unexpected Costs of Third Party Login. Most recently, we released Sketch To App Store, a template that cuts hours off prepping screenshots for iTunes Connect that shot to #1 on Product Hunt and has over 1,000 stars on GitHub.

We were inspired to share our learnings because developing mobile apps isn’t nearly as easy as it should be. There is so much to do that it’s hard for teams to focus on what makes their app unique and amazing. The LaunchKit suite of tools have been created to make the process of building, releasing, and monitoring an app simpler, and give developers and designers their time back to do more interesting and high-value work.


LaunchKit is a small team of designers and engineers who build high quality products exceptionally fast.

Taylor Hughes

Engineer & CTO

Taylor led frontend efforts to launch a new homepage and sitewide redesign at YouTube and did significant work on the video page that millions of people use every day.

Brenden Mulligan

Designer & CEO

Brenden is a product designer who previously founded and sold two startups: Onesheet and ArtistData. He also created TipList and MorningPics, among others.

Rizwan Sattar

iOS Engineer

Riz was one of the first people on the planet to work with the iOS SDK, being sent by AOL to Apple to build the AIM client presented at the iPhone SDK Launch.

Lance Thibideau

Frontend Engineer

Lance is a self taught engineer / designer. The learning began at 4. First by disassembling / reassembling a Nintendo. Today he continues to break things down and put them back together.

Apps We’ve Released

Most of our products are focused providing experiences that empower people to enhance their relationships with close family and friends. We also occasionally release tools we believe will be beneficial for the design and developer community.


Private group sharing with friends and family.

Cluster gives you a private space to share photos and memories with the people you choose, away from social media. Make your own groups and share pics, videos, comments, and chat!


The simplest way to organize and manage mobile screenshots.

Screenshotter makes it incredibly simple to organize and manage the screenshots you take with your iPhone. It automatically identifies screenshots and makes it easy to organize them into folders.

Daily Kiddo

The best way to share with your kid’s biggest fans.

Daily Kiddo lets you share all your kid photos and videos with the people who really want to see every single one. Add a kid, invite your family to the album, and snap away!


A living travel journal for your friends back home.

Tripcast lets you share your travel photos with the people who want to see everything, not just the highlights. Start a trip, invite your friends and family to the album, and give them live photo updates from the road!


Give parents a seat in the classroom.

Homeroom is an easy way to share what’s happening in your classroom with your students’ parents. Upload your photos safely to private classroom albums only parents and teachers can see, away from the rest of the internet.


Private sharing for church groups and mission trips.

ChurchSnaps is a fun, easy way to share moments from mission trips and church events with the whole congregation. Create private albums where everyone you invite can add their own photos and make comments, separate from traditional social media.


Send email without distraction.

Compose is a simple little app that lets you send email without being overwhelmed by what’s in your inbox. Just open compose and start writing.


LaunchKit is privileged to be backed by an amazing group of investors. You can see the full list here.